Free Drawing School with Kirsty McKeown

9:00am-5:00pm, 19 February–30 April 2021

The Arbroath Correspondence School

Registration for first mail out by Friday 19 February  

Free Drawing School artist Kirsty McKeown invites you to participate in The Arbroath Correspondence School – a postal project to exchange small analogue artworks.

Since March 2020 Kirsty has been delivering art sessions almost entirely remotely as part of her work in further education and through further projects including the Free Drawing School. This near constant demand for instantaneous online communication has led to digital fatigue…!

Kirsty has formed The Arbroath Correspondence School as a direct response to these demands. The Arbroath Correspondence School rejects the expectation of 24/7 always on communication and seeks to reinstate a sense of human connection and mutual learning utilising the postal service for the distribution of slow art.

Taking its primary inspiration from the history of Arbroath and its surroundings The Arbroath Correspondence School will act as a knowledge exchange; with participants collaborating and contributing to these small analogue artworks that will take the form of drawings, collage, prints and various other slow ways of making.

The Arbroath Correspondence School is open to anyone from any background from anywhere who is able to receive and/or send mail, no art experience is required to participate.  You will be invited to contribute and alter the artworks you receive and will be encouraged to return them as part of the knowledge exchange; but are under no obligation to do so.

In her practice, Kirsty with materials and processes including collage, printmaking, analogue photography and altered objects; using found materials and her immediate environment as inspiration. Her recent projects have focused on the influence of war-time Britain on the changing roles of women at work, with specific reference to four factors: political, physical, industrial and domestic.

How to take part

To register by emailing or please send your name and postal address to:

The Arbroath Correspondence School, Hospitalfield House, Westway, Arbroath, DD11 2NH

The first mail will be sent posted on Friday 26 Feb. Any registrations received after the 19 February will be added to the list of correspondents for subsequent mailings.

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