FIELDWORK International Summer School 2019

12:00am-12:00pm, 28–30 June 2019

FIELDWORK is a 2.5 day discursive, residential summer school at Hospitalfield in Arbroath on the East Coast of Scotland. Between 50 and 80 participants stay at Hospitalfield, camping in the grounds, for a programme of presentations, workshops, discussions and outings. It is an intensive experience, which brings people together to think about the central theme or question. The programme is connected with visual art practice and theory including how this intersects with other disciplines. Each year we invite an artist, organiser or curator to programme the Summer School.

In 2019, after an open call selection process, we have invited Anastasia Philimonos and Panos Kompatsiaris to programme the Summer School titled Wild Orchards Will Overgrow Us at Hospitalfield from 28 – 30 June 2019.

Tickets are £75 for the 2.5 days which includes participation in the Summer School, camping, participant packs and meals throughout.

There is currently an early bird discount of 20% and tickets are £60 until Monday 6 May.

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Wild Orchards Will Overgrow Us

FIELDWORK in 2019 is titled Wild Orchards Will Overgrow Us and is programmed by Edinburgh based curator Anastasia Philimonos and Moscow based writer Panos Kompatsiaris.

Wild Orchards Will Overgrow Us explores questions of ethics, politics, and aesthetics in human relations with animals and other nonhuman worlds. During 2.5 days of the Summer School, artists, theorists, curators and participants will come together in workshops and talks to ask questions related to practices of kinship and solidarity in the context of post-anthropocentric thought.

Departing from ideas of kinship and solidarity, Wild Orchard Will Overgrow Us pursues these relations as they unfold in urban and rural habitats where class and race inequalities merge with wider structures of exclusion.

We will be working with ideas of ethics that inform aesthetic preoccupations with nonhuman worlds, tackling questions around lifestyle and consumption practices, ethics of co-inhabiting and animal and machine representations in art and media.

The Summer School will ask: What are the conditions for fostering kinship and solidarity with human and nonhuman others? How a non-anthropocentric ethics and aesthetics might look?

As questions around animal ethics in the context of environmental degradation increasingly occupy artistic and theoretical agendas, a materialist approach attuned to the historical urgencies of the current moment will allow participants of the Summer School to test the possibilities of post-human ethics for producing radical imaginaries for the present and future.

More information about contributors to the programme will be announced in May 2019.

Anastasia Philimonos

Anastasia Philimonos is a curator, editor and researcher based in Edinburgh where she is a doctoral student in contemporary art history and theory at Edinburgh College of Art (UoE). Informed by academic research, her curatorial practice is a means for collectively exploring emancipatory ideas, testing their potentials and limitations in aesthetic and social contexts.

Anastasia was an Associate Producer at Collective Gallery in Edinburgh. She is now a committee member at Rhubaba Gallery and Studios where, alongside fellow committee members, engages in collaborative, non-hierarchical ways of learning and making through workshops, games of radical pedagogy, exhibitions and events.

Together with Ben Callaghan, she is the co-editor of ‘The Enemy’, an interdisciplinary journal of contemporary art and critical theory that supports literary practice in experimental and established formats.

Panos Kompatsiaris

Panos Kompatsiaris is assistant professor of art and media at the National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow. He completed a PhD in art theory from the University of Edinburgh in 2015. His practice is diverse, engaging both academic and experimental forms of writing as a means for fostering radical and collaborative education practices.

Panos has published on politics of art exhibitions and post-human ethics in various journals and volumes, including a monograph titled ‘The Politics of Contemporary Art Biennials’ (Routledge, 2017).

Panos has organised international conferences, symposia and events in Edinburgh, St. Petersburg and Moscow on art and value, cultural politics and the creative industries.



The events will take place throughout Hospitalfield House, grounds & the surrounding landscape. Please bring clothes suitable for outside and good walking shoes. Please bring warm socks as we will have our shoes off in the house.

Arbroath has a bit of a micro climate so often dry and sunny but there is a chance of rain of course and the temperature will go down to 8 degrees at night so please come prepared with plenty of warm things for a good sleep.

The programme starts at 4pm on Friday 28 June, when participants can arrive to set up tents and runs to the evening of Sunday 30 June. Participants have the option to stay over on Sunday 30 June and de-camp on the morning of Monday 1 July.


Arbroath rail station is on the main line north from London / Glasgow/ Edinburgh to Aberdeen. Hospitalfield House is 25 minutes walk from the rail station (5 minute taxi ride).

The 39 bus runs from Dundee city centre to the end of our driveway (40 mins).
Our address is Hospitalfield House, Westway, Arbroath, DD11 2NH.

There is some space for car parking at the front of the house.


We are offering camping spaces in Hospitalfield’s beautiful grassy greens.

Please bring your own tent.

A torch will be helpful but it’s light most of the time in June!

There are normal toilets and washing facilities available in the house & studios.

An outdoor shower will be installed. Natural soaps and shampoo will be provided.

Please bring towels.

We understand that some people will want to stay in local B&Bs which we can help by recommending places.


Hospitalfield’s chef will be providing delicious food for FIELDWORK.

We love working with local produce. A lot of the food will be vegetarian.
Please tell us in advance if you have any specific allergies so we can try to accommodate you.

There are shops nearby if you want to bring drinks to the meals.


Hospitalfield House: 01241 656 124

Reid’s Taxi: 01241 873 212 Abbey Taxi: 01241 877 777

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