FIELDWORK 2018 International Summer School – Summer Festival

4:00pm-11:30pm, 24–26 June 2018

2018’s summer school, A wobble, a shake and a no for an answer is co-programmed with Camara Taylor.

FIELDWORK is a 2.5 day discursive, residential summer school at Hospitalfield in Arbroath on the East Coast of Scotland. Between 50 and 80 participants stay at Hospitalfield, camping in the grounds, for a programme of presentations, workshops, discussions and outings. It is an intensive experience, which brings people together to think about the central theme or question. The programme is connected with visual art practice and theory including how this intersects with other disciplines.

FIELDWORK 2018 will take place between Sunday 24 June at 4pm and Tuesday 26 June at midnight.

A wobble, a shake and a no for an answer, seeks to explore strategies of refusal and disobedience that are being used to question, change and survive the endemic societal structures which artists and others are expected to function within. It considers artistic practice amidst: renewed institutional interest in difference, the functions of visibility and the possibilities that can emerge through remaining unseen.

More information about the programme and links to booking are included below.


No what you say when you do not want to proceed; when you do not agree to something.

No as an address; delivered to a person or made against a system or given in a situation.

No what you announce by what you do or do not do with your body; as gesture, as withdrawal.

No as a story of how someone comes to refuse what had previously been endured.

No as political action; how a collective is formed by saying enough is too much; we from a will from a wont.

                                    – Sara Ahmed, 2016

FIELDWORK 2018 will consider the (in)visible practices that are plotting the necessary and laborious undisciplined routes of resistance, consciousness, possibility and joy amidst the ongoing assault of the everyday. Taking ‘no’ as its starting point and working with refusal in mind, the programme seeks to explore artistic strategies in the context of lived politics for collectively sensing, thinking and doing in those spaces between total withdrawal and complete subsumption.

A wobble, a shake and a no for an answer seeks to refuse endemic erasures whilst troubling the equation of visibility, to progress and explore disobedient acts within and outwith the institution; and consider holistic approaches to learning. It asks, what is to be done – once we know what has to be done – and how do we disrupt, tear down and take care in the process?

The concept is informed by research into limbo (the dance), which began as a ritual performed at wakes in Trinidad & Tobago, and is said to have its origins in the middle passage. The methodologies evident in the dance and its histories have become the grounding for an exploration of refusal, recollection and rebirth.

The summer school will bring together people from a variety of positions to reflect on, strategise for and work towards collective progression and support. The summer school will work towards a resource determined by participants which will exist beyond the realm of the 2.5 days spent together at Hospitalfield.

For FIELDWORK 2018 we will install a reading room at Hospitalfield: a site of collective reading and also individual reflection, to include Camara Taylor’s collection of zines made by people of colour and other materials offered by participants of the summer school.


Early Bird: £60 (available until 1 April). Booking early helps us plan for the summer school.

Standard Ticket: £75 (includes food and camping space). Book here…

Instalments: We have introduced an option to pay in two instalments. Please see the Eventbrite booking links for more information and get in touch if you have any questions. Please look out for the deadlines on each option.

Each year we agree a ticketing structure with the co-programmer. This year there are a small number of bursary places for participants that feel that they would not be able to attend because of financial reasons.

Bursary Places: You can read more information about the Bursary Places and make an application until 19 March here…

Donation: We realised that some people would like to help others to attend so there is also an option to add a donation which can help us provide bursaries.


Camara Taylor is an artist and programmer based in Glasgow. With a practice that is methodologically situated within a framework of refusal and a tentative engagement with tidalectics; Taylor’s practice spills and flows from photography into, text, sound works, workshops, events, publications and a zine library. Taylor was a committee member at Transmission Gallery (2016-18) and co-curator (with Ashanti Harris) of One Day to Play, National Theatre of Scotland. Currently, they are a programme facilitator for the Race, Rights and Sovereignty series (Glasgow School of Art Public Lectures and the GSA Students’ Association), and a participant in Constellations, an artist working group programme conceived by UP Projects in collaboration with Flat Time House, London. In 2017, Taylor presented Flourish, a solo exhibition at The Gallow Gate, Glasgow, with a sound work devised by Sarra Wild (OH141). In 2018, they will present new work  supported by Glasgow International alongside Zoé Schreiber and Ewan Mitchell in Road Maps, CCA Intermedia Gallery, Glasgow.


For A wobble, a shake and a no for an answer, we are building up a playlist of songs from the participants’ suggestions. When you book your ticket there’s a chance to nominate a track: Please tell us a song which you think of when you think of refusal; that can get you through a bad day; that perhaps makes you think about “undisciplined routes of resistance, consciousness, possibility and joy amidst the ongoing assault of the everyday”.

The artist, title and link if you have one.


PROGRAMME – preparing to come:

The events will take place throughout Hospitalfield House, grounds & the surrounding landscape. Please bring clothes suitable for outside.

Please bring good walking shoes.

Please bring warm socks as we will have our shoes off in the house.

In the past, we have had some campers who have realised that they didn’t bring enough sleeping bags, mats, hats, warm jumpers, thermals etc for camping so our advice is to over pack and make sure you’ve got plenty of warm layers.

Arbroath has a bit of a micro climate so often dry and sunny but there is a chance of rain of course and the temperature will go down to 8 degrees at night so please come prepared with plenty of warm things for a good sleep.

The programme starts at 4pm on Sunday 24 June, when participants can arrive to set up tents and runs to the evening of Tuesday 26 June. Participants have the option to stay over on Tuesday 26 June and de-camp on the morning of Wednesday 27 June.



Arbroath rail station is on the main line north from London / Glasgow/ Edinburgh to Aberdeen. Hospitalfield House is 25 minutes walk from the rail station (5 minute taxi ride).

The 39 bus runs from Dundee city centre to the end of our driveway (40 mins).

Our address is Hospitalfield House, Westway, Arbroath, DD11 2NH.

There is some space for car parking at the front of the house.

Let us know if you are offering lifts or would like to hire a car / use your car club, or we can share through Facebook.

More info here…

Get in touch with if you need more info is useful (use postcode).


We are offering camping spaces in Hospitalfield’s beautiful grassy greens.

Please bring your own tent.

A torch will be helpful but it’s light most of the time in June!

There are normal toilets and washing facilities available in the house & studios.

An outdoor shower will be installed. Natural soaps and shampoo will be provided.

Please bring towels.

We understand that some people will want to stay in local B&Bs: List on Visit Scotland’s site


Hospitalfield’s chef will be providing delicious food for FIELDWORK.

We love working with local produce. A lot of the food will be vegetarian.

Please tell us in advance if you have any specific allergies so we can try to accommodate you.

There are shops nearby if you want to bring drinks to the meals.


Hospitalfield House: 01241 656 124

Reid’s Taxi: 01241 873 212 Abbey Taxi: 01241 877 777

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