Children’s Procession 2018 – Summer Festival

12:30pm-4:30pm, 18 June 2018

Hospitalfield Summer Festival 2018 will open with a glorious Children’s Procession on 18 June.

400 children from Timmergreens and Muirfield Primary Schools will make a colourful, noisy, moving display which concludes at Hospitalfield House and celebrates them stepping forward into the next stage of their lives and is designed with artist Holly White.


Images: Holly White, watercolour paintings of Children’s Procession ideas; Holly White’s initial sketches and reference images including from 1945 Thanks Giving Parade from the Detroit News archives.


Now in its second year, the Children’s Summer Procession celebrates the children from local schools moving up to the next year and moving on to secondary school.

Hospitalfield have commissioned the artist Holly White to design the procession and work with the children to make the costumes and props.

Everyone, including friends and families of the pupils are invited to line the streets on the procession route and come to the special welcome event at Hospitalfield.

Start time for the procession will be confirmed in April 2018.

All Welcome!

“A procession is like a party but it’s no ones birthday.”

“It’s when everyone stands in a line and walks together.”

Images: Workshops led by Holly White in Timmergreens and Muirfield Primary Schools, developing ideas for the Children’s Procession.


Friends and family of the two schools and people with specific craft skills are invited to get involved with making the costumes and props with the artists.

The making and rehearsing will happen in several weeks in May and June, with work on the procession carrying on in the classrooms between those times. We are hoping that there might also be people willing to make multiple objects at home.

If you would be interested in helping please get in touch with Annie Crabtree directly, she is the Volunteer Coordinator at Hospitalfield: or 01241 656 124.

The contact at Timmergreens is Jackie Smith, Head Teacher and the contact at Muirfiled is Ashlea MacDonald, Principle Teacher.


Holly White was born in London and lives and works in Glasgow. Her work involves digital media, sculpture, text, performance and video. Recent solo exhibitions include: Orange World, Cordova Gallery, Barcelona, 2017; I Need Your Love is This True, Jupiter Woods, London, 2016; I’m always lazy when I miss you, AND/OR Gallery, 2015; No One Is Going To Go There Anymore, Evelyn Yard, London, 2014.

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