Ongoing project with Yokollection who have presented a provocation to women connected to Hospitalfield and offered their one-off scarf to each person.

In 2015 Yokollection were invited to make a contribution to The Arbroath Template, a project devised by Bob and Roberta Smith which culminated in a weekend of projects at Hospitalfield. During the weekend Yokollection talked with the audience and staff about their project and were introduced to, among other things, a white embroidered shawl from the collection. One year on Yokollection returned to meet a group of women all connected to Hospitalfield in different ways and to show them the one off scarf which they created. Yokollection presented a provocation for conversation, through sharing information about their collaborative ways of working and through discussing a 1972 essay by the artist Yoko Ono. They also invited the women in the group to borrow the scarf; to wear it, display it and use it.


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