Susannah Stark and Hussein Mitha collaborated on a new sound and light work entitled ‘Correspondences’ for the Summer Open Weekend 2019 Ways of Living. This new work was supported by The Elephant Trust.

The sound installation of looping audio recordings includes samples from rave and pop music in the UK exploring rhythms of everyday life and text readings including a fantasy trial inspired by the rooms in which they are installed. The links the artists make weave a broken narrative that responds to the influences and ideas presented through the history of the western enlightenment as it manifests itself at Hospitalfield. The spaces were transformed through colouring the windows, capturing the longest days of sunlight of the year, and spreading a broken rainbow across the house. Susannah Stark performed a live set of the music from the installation, drawing focus on a heightened sensory experience of voice. Listeners were invited into a sincere yet surreal soundscape orchestrated by voice and distorted percussion.