Daisy Chetwin was commissioned to create two new installations for our Spring Season open weekend 2018, SPLIT/DIVIDE. She made large scale sculptural installations that transformed the way that viewers experienced the architecture of the Study Room and Studio.

Chetwin’s works were commissioned specifically as installations for one week only. She presented a two-site exhibition investigated the physical experience of both the domestic space and the workspaces. Chetwin is interested in how the viewer experiences both her sculptural interventions and how they experience each other, whilst moving within the spaces she creates. The fragility of the materials that she used reflected the short life span of the work. Her use of paper and paint on flat forms emerge from her interest in crumbling or the remnants of architecture. There is a sense that the viewer is a performer moving within her ‘set’.

Daisy Chetwyn is currently based in Berlin, and returns to Hospitalfield following her residency in 2017.

Daisy Chetwin graduated from the Sculpture and Environmental Art department at The Glasgow School of Art in 2017 and lives in Berlin. Recent projects include The weight of your hold, Easterhouse Swimming Pool project with Platform, Glasgow, 2017; In through your mouth, Mackintosh Church, Glasgow, 2016; and In particular some places, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, 2017.