Visual Art Residencies 2017 open for application

UK and UK based visual artists are invited to apply by the 23 January deadline.

Hospitalfield are delighted to be promoting the call for applications to our Summer and Autumn Residencies in 2017. These four-week residencies provide an opportunity for seven artists in July and five artists in September to develop new ideas or prepare for forthcoming projects. Artists are asked to apply with an urgent project which needs their attention and would benefit from the focused and collegiate setting we can provide.

Artist Stephen Sutcliffe and Nicole Yip,  who is the Director of LUX Scotland, will work on the selection for the Summer Residency.

Artists Hew Locke and Katie Schwab will be the panel for the Autumn Residency this year.

This year a longer residency for an artist from the Netherlands will run alongside both of these programmes. This place is supported by Mondriaan Fonds and the finalisation of the selection process is underway.

In the Autumn of 2017 we will also be hosting two Royal Over-Seas League Visual Art Scholars selected by David Dale Gallery in Glasgow and Liverpool Biennial.

See the call for applications.

Read about last year’s Summer and Autumn Residents.