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The Friends of Hospitalfield are a great support to our work and show a keen interest in the progress of all aspects of our activity including our Future Plan capital development. The Friends’ Programme is an opportunity for us to devise a series of talks, visits and events that we think will appeal to the wide range of interests that exist within the Friends membership. Each element of the Programme takes its starting point from Hospitalfield directly or indirectly exploring the history and making connections with other organisations, institutions and people.

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The 2018 Friends of Hospitalfield Programme will be circulated in January 2018

2017 Friends of Hospitalfield Programme of Events

Launch of Hospitalfield Friends' Print Commission through our DD Programme for artists living and working within the DD post code

We are delighted to be able to launch our first commissioned Friends’ Print by Amy Jones. Those joining as Friends of Hospitalfield in 2018 will receive one of this limited edition prints. Read more about this special inaugural commission here…


Lady Caroline Fife

Una Gallagher

Barry & Janey Lambie

Sir Mark Jones

Helen & Frank McDiarmid

Anne Patrick


Julie Adams

Alison Mann

Sheila Anderson

Sue Barwell

Colin Beedie

Arthur & Sarah Blair

Lucy Byatt

Sandy Cairns

Mike & Marion Campbell

Alison Campbell-Adamson

Elizabeth Carcary

Helen Cargill

Moira & Tony Coleman

David Conran-Smith

Simon & Catharina Dessain

Cedric & Catriona de Voil

Peter & Janet Dewes

Elinor Dowson

Alec Edwards

Gail Forbes

Patrick Ford

Lady Fiona Fraser

Virginia Fraser

Hugh & Caroline Graham-Watson

Ian Hamilton

Sue Hewer

Ron & Lesley High

Dr Kristien Hintjens

Dorothy Howarth & Michael McIntosh

Janis Hughes

Ann Hunter

David Laird

Anne Law

Alasdair MacCallum

Ken & Esther MacDonald

Elizabeth Maclean

Meg & Jim Manson

Graham & Elizabeth McNicoll

David & Shonagh Morrison

Nancy Myles

James & Georgiana Osborne

Lesley Peters

Liz Petrie

Ian Ramsay

Penelope Ramsay

Angus Roberts

Robert Robertson

Georgina Sampson

Judith Sanderson

Laura Simpson

John & Mary Stansfeld

Alex & Jan Stirling

Alasdair Sutherland

Claire Walmsley

Campbell Waterson