Friends and Supporters

The individuals who support our work and are close to our organisation.


Friends of Hospitalfield enjoy a programme of talks, visits and events as part of their close connection to the organisation.

Read about the 2017 Friends of Hospitalfield Programme.

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Sheila Anderson

Arthur & Sarah Blair

Mike & Marion Campbell

Allison Campbell-Adamson

Sandy Cairns

Elizabeth Carcary

Helen Cargill

Barbra Chapel

Moira & Tony Coleman

David Conran-Smith

Catharina Dessain

Peter & Janet Dewes

Sue Hewer

Ron & Lesley High

Dorothy Howarth

Janis Hughes

Ann Hunter

David Laird

Barry & Janey Lambie

Anne Law

Ken & Esther MacDonald

Frank & Helen McDiarmid

Graham & Elizabeth McNicoll

David & Shonagh Morrison

Nancy Myles

James & Georgiana Osborne

Liz Petrie

Penelope Ramsay

Angus Roberts

Judith Sanderson

John & Mary Stansfeld

Alex & Jan Stirling

Alasdair Sutherland

Claire Walmsley

Campbell Waterson