SUPERLUX Summer School with artist Morgan Quaintance

LUX Scotland’s SUPERLUX Summer School will happen again at Hospitalfield from 9-11 August and this year is led by artist Morgan Quaintance.

Over this weekend-long residential summer school, a group of 12 participants will spend time together at Hospitalfield to explore some key questions in Quaintance’s practice through a programme of film screenings, discussions, readings and group meals. The summer school is open to artists, curators, writers and arts professionals based in the UK and internationally.

‘When pushed for a declaration of interests that define my practice I usually talk about my approach to filmmaking operating along a line between the abstract and the concrete. So one way you could define that is to think of the abstract as a kind of oblique and indirect style of image making and narrative construction, and the concrete as a more reportage-based, direct or journalistic approach (straight documentary maybe).
For the summer school I’d like to explore the power and possibilities of those two approaches and what it’s like moving between and blurring those two points. Through my films and the films of others, we’ll be looking at styles of editing, the use of sound as an affective device, and the merits or inherent possibilities of using either 16mm film, HD digital video, or standard DV, from perspectives that are both qualitative (the look and feel of resulting images) and physical (what it’s like to hold and move about with the respective cameras). We’ll also explore some of the themes that have appeared in recent work of mine, so alternative lifestyles, history, consciousness, creativity as a liberatory strategy, and issues to do with civic transformations in the 21st century; and we’ll talk through the finance behind the films.
Among a selection of films still to be determined, I’ll be showing a new work of mine titled Missing Time, a film that considers what amnesia and memory loss can do to individuals and nations.’
– Morgan Quaintance

Schedule: Activities will begin on the evening of Friday 9 August and conclude by lunchtime on Sunday 11 August 2019

Booking deadline: 29 July 2019

Eligibility: UK and international artists

Places: 12

Cost: £126 (includes two nights shared accommodation and all meals over the weekend)

Booking link

Image: Morgan Quaintance, Missing Time , 2019. Courtesy of the artist.