Hospitalfield aims to work with inspiring individuals to bring their specialist skills and knowledge to course participants.
The courses, workshops and sessions within our open weekends are open to anyone to book, the prices vary from £5 materials contribution for short sessions to £275 for weekend residential courses.


Since 2013 Hospitalfield has been working with Mat Fleming artist and organiser from Film Bee and Star and Shadow Cinema in Newcastle to host courses discussing and training people in DIY 16mm film making. The courses bring a small group or artists and others together to improve their knowledge of the cameras, talk about significant historical and contemporary artists film works, shoot inside and outside the house, process the film and then screen the results. Artists Christo Wallers and Leah Miller have also worked on delivering this programme.

You can see a film produced as a collaboration during the December 2015 workshop below and read a report here…

View the film…


During our ILLUSION Spring Season in March 2014 Hospitalfield commissioned Laura Aldridge to run a day long Pit Firing Session – following on from her work here while on residency the previous year and in connection to her installation in the Walled Garden during that weekend.

Participants in the session used organic materials and minerals, including sea weed from Arbroath beach, to affect the colours of the oxidisation on the ceramic pieces prepared by Aldridge. They also got involved in stocking up the large ground pit with firewood after carefully stacking their work inside. Some of the pieces fired in the pit kiln made their way into Laura Aldridge’s exhibition at Glasgow Tramway in 2016.

See Laura Aldridge’s contribution to our Pamphlet Series…


For our Spring Season in March 2014 we invited Fran Marquis to lead participants through microwave raku processes, timed to coincide with Laura Aldridge’s pit firing session. Marquis had opened up her ceramics facility at her studio in Arbroath to help Aldridge produce her work while on residency.

Marquis runs workshops from her base and has often advised other artists who have come on residency at Hospitalfield, she is part of our Skills and Knowledge Network, an group of useful contacts from the artistic, technical and manufacturing communities in the area.


During our Autumn Season in 2015, entitled READING SURFACE, Hospitalfield commissioned Glasgow based design duo Bespoke Atelier to run a half day screen printed bag session. Bespoke Atelier had developed screen designs through visiting the house and looking for old and new patterns within it. The participants also searched for their own patterns and cut templates.

Bespoke Atelier also worked with Hospitalfield within the Hospitalfield in Industry Residency in 2015 where they embedded themselves within Carnoustie glass reinforced plastics company Smyth Composites. The residency strand is in collaboration with Make Works and you can read more about Bespoke Atelier’s project here…


Since 2013 we have been working with key literary and history contacts in the area to run short and long courses within an ongoing programme strand on writing in Angus.

Over the last few years we have worked intensively with researcher Lisa Simmons to host several courses which have looked at the life and work of Angus writers, initially the poet and novelist Violet Jacob and expanding into the rich seam of other writers including Marion Angus, Helen Cruickshank, Edwin and Willa Muir. In 2013 the focus of the weekend course was Violet Jacob’s life and work; in 2014 the course participants considered the impact of the Great War on Violet Jacob’s work.

One of the developments of this strand is the Angus Writers Programme within our open weekends which presented a series of talks and discussions during our Autumn Season in 2015 and will continue with a focus on Sir Walter Scott’s Angus writing in 2016 (to coincide with the 200 years anniversary of the publishing of The Antiquary. The poet Andy Jackson, who works at University of Dundee, led a morning session on how everyday situations can inspire writing during the 2015 weekend.

Lisa Simmons has also worked with us to host two Angus Writers concerts in collaboration with the musician Steve Byrne.

The writer Aimee Chalmers has also been a very appreciated advisor for this strand and Sheila Mann has been an invaluable contributor to the courses and events.


Lydia Brownlee was part of the core group of artists working with Bob and Roberta Smith on his Arbroath Template project. For the Spring Season weekend in 2015 the programme included over 20 artists presenting new artwork, readings and workshops in the spirit of protest and celebration. Lydia Brownlee led a poster and placard making session where participants cut and printed their designs about subjects they wanted to shout about.


To coincide with our Angus Writers focus during the Autumn Season 2015 we invited Joanna Helfer and Kathryn Briggs (both Angus based artists with an interest in comics and animated novels) to devise and lead drawing sessions over the open weekend which took inspiration from The Gruffalo. One of our key speakers for the weekend was the Angus based writer James Robertson who has translated Julia Donaldson’s popular The Gruffalo childrens series into Scots. The drawing sessions encouraged the participants to make characters and write their proclamations within the woodland scene.


As part of LOCATION Autumn Season in 2015 we hosted a brunch discussion and workshop based on Hospitalfield’s archive project The Pamphlet Series. The Pamphlet Series opens an invitation to reflect on a period of thinking and development such as a residency in the form of a two page A4 publication. The above gallery gives a representation of pamphlets produced by the following workshop attendees (in order):

Adam Benmakhlouf

Giles Bailey

Laura Simpson

Phoebe Hill

Martin Vincent

Jessica Ramm