Residents / 2020

  • Emmie McLuskey

    Scotland / Japan Residency Exchange 2020

    Emmie McLuskey has been awarded the residency with ARCUS Project Ibaraki in February 2020 as part of the Scotland / Japan Residency Exchange Programme.

    Emmie McLuskey lives and works in Glasgow. She works with other artists to produce collaborative work; this has previously taken the form of publications, events, objects, conversations and exhibitions. Exhibitions and events include: A two person exhibition as part of Glasgow International 2020 with Ima-Abasi Okon and text by Mason Leaver-Yap, Private Lives, Treize, Paris, 2020 and Sissi Club, Marseille, with Sarah Fastré, 2019, these were the things that made the step familiar, Collective, Edinburgh 2019 Notes on the Floor with Janice Parker, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin 2018; The Perfect, Perfect Look, Old Hairdressers, Glasgow 2018, 24 Lateral Views with LUX Scotland 2018, PAC Festival, Marseille 2018, I thought you knew, Intermedia, CCA Glasgow 2017. In 2019 she was in residence Dogo Residenz für Neue Kunst, Switzerland. McLuskey programmed the Artist Moving Image Festival alongside Ima-Abasi Okon and Kimberley O’Neill with LUX Scotland and Tramway November 2019.

    Collaboration is central to the work McLuskey produces, starting with a shared question or observation that she explores more deeply through practice. Recent work has centred around questions of interactions in and between bodies, considering the systems that control and record them. During her time at ARCUS Project, Ibaraki she will be researching a project titled Between Bodies, working with an English to Japanese translator and a local Aikido professional in order to build on previous interests around how we communicate and are understood by each other.

  • Paul Abbott

    "We can still see the horizon (and it’s curved)”

    Paul Abbott is an artist and musician, working through questions and feelings connecting music and language: using real and imaginary drums, synthetic sounds, performance and writing.

    Recent performances and projects have included collaborations with Will Holder, Rian Treanor, Seymour Wright, RP Boo, Nathaniel Mackey, Ute Kanngiesser, Evie Ward, Billy Steiger, Micheal Spears and Keira Greene. Recent releases include Ductus, Palina’Tufa and 31.12.19 He was a co-editor’s of Cesura//Acceso and one of the Sound and Music “Embedded” resident artists at Cafe OTO 2016.

  • Will Holder

    "We can still see the horizon (and it’s curved)”

    Typographer Will Holder is the editor and publisher of F.R.DAVID, a journal concerned with reading and writing. He mediates and reproduces polyphonies of voices as design: bringing meaning and public access to things. His work has taken the form of oral and printed publications; and is informed by an ongoing study of song and music-making as a co-authored process, and production model for other disciplines. Holder sees conversation as means and model for production; and the role that memory plays between the printed page and the body as live, oral publication. As a self-driven study of graphic notation and collective reading processes, he has, with musician Alex Waterman initiated a series of publications, since 2012: Agapé (Miguel Abreu Gallery), Between Thought and Sound (The Kitchen, NY), The Tiger’s Mind (Sternberg), Yes, But Is It Edible?, The music of Robert Ashley for two or more voices (New Documents) and In Memoriam Mary Cecil… (Ociciwan and uh books).

  • Camilla Brueton

    POSTPONED Interdisciplinary Residency March 2020

    Camilla Brueton’s practice interrogates the experience of place by exploring physical structures and reflecting on movement, social policy and differing perspectives. Emotions, like the weather, pass through and shape things.

    Research is done out in the field, in the studio and on the train. Artwork includes large drawings connecting distant places, ‘visual essays’ combining text and images, printmaking and spoken performance. With a MA in Drawing (2014, Wimbledon College of Art) and BA Fine Art Sculpture (2000, Kingston University) spatial concerns on the page and in three dimensions are important to her.

    Whilst at Hospitalfield, Camilla Brueton will be working on a visual essay exploring themes of loss, lostness and locality.

  • Fiona McGurk

    POSTPONED Interdisciplinary Residency March 2020

    Fiona McGurk is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work explores questions of agency, data accumulation and archive.

    Since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art, BA Painting (2012), Fiona has been the recipient of a number of awards; Creative Scotland Open Project Fund Award (2019), Hope Scott Trust Visual Arts Award (2016), RSA: New Contemporaries (2013) and Andrew Grant Bequest Scholarship (2012 & 2010).

    She has exhibited in the UK and further afield and has undertaken residencies nationally and internationally, most recently with NARS Foundation, New York (2019).

    Fiona is a studio holder and member of the board at Glasgow Sculpture Studios.

  • Grace Maran

    POSTPONED Interdisciplinary Residency March 2020

    Grace Maran is an artist from Edinburgh. She has a BA (Hons) degree in Drawing and Painting from Edinburgh College of Art and Grace now focuses on large scale paintings of figurative subjects often composed with still life.

    Grace’s painting ‘Girl with Yellow Flowers’ was selected for the final of the Scottish Portrait Awards 2019, and her painting ‘Two Girls’ was awarded an ANGUSalive Purchase Prize 2018 and is now in the Angus Fine Art Collection.

    In this residency she will be working on a series of paintings that depict a semi fictitious ancient culture through the perspective of archeology and its documentation.

  • Kirsteen Macdonald

    POSTPONED Interdisciplinary Residency March 2020

    Kirsteen Macdonald is co-founder of the co-operative Chapter Thirteen and recently completed her doctoral research at the Glasgow School of Art. Recent work as an independent curator includes: What’s Love Got To Do With It? at Galerie Art-Cade, Marseille, France (2018); Art & Work for PARSE journal, Gothenburg, Sweden (2018-20); the group exhibition Who’s Counting? at Chapter Thirteen, Glasgow (April – May 2020); and a solo show by Chikako Yamashiro for Dundee Contemporary Arts (August – December 2020). Since 2011 she has developed discursive platforms including Framework (2011 – 2015) and the peer-learning project Curatorial Studio (2015 – 2020). She previously worked with Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art (2009-12), Timespan in Helmsdale (2010-12), was Lecturer in Design, History & Theory at the Glasgow School of Art (2014 – 2018) and director of The Changing Room gallery in Stirling (2001 – 2009).

  • Nicola Baldwin

    POSTPONED Interdisciplinary Residency March 2020

    Nicola Baldwin is a playwright and scriptwriter. Commissions include Royal Court, Royal Exchange, Sheffield Crucible, Bath Theatres, BBC Radio. Confetti won George Devine award; 23.59, Poppy Q, Seven Scenes, Tony &Rose shortlisted for Susan Smith Blackburn, BBC Audio or Sony awards. Currently; WeTheYoungStrong about far-right radicalisation of young women; Nosocomial a CSO award-winning collaboration with NHS Healthcare Scientists. Nicola is UCL Urban Lab Creative Fellow 2019-2020 exploring performative activism around Waste. She is a 2020 MGCfutures bursary recipient for Woman From Mars about astronaut Helen Sharman, and will write the first draft at Hospitalfield over 8 days – the duration of Sharman’s Mir mission.

  • Caroline Areskog Jones

    Print Place on Interdisciplinary Residency Late November 2020

    Caroline Areskog Jones is an RCA alumni whose hybrid, exploratory practice has a foundation in print.

    Drawing provides a mechanism of exploration and a fundamental component of research which evolves through the investigation of materials, repetition and working in series over time. With a Scandinavian heritage ‘nature’ infuses and permeates encounters, filaments reach through ideas within an uncertain space. Having spent time recently gathering research in the Hebrides, from the perspective of being on the water, in the weather, where humidity seeped through, and being aware of current ecological concerns regarding toxicity of the ocean, the aim in this residency is to utilise the time, facilities and local environmental histories to make a series of prints, perhaps an element in book form, as non-linear narrative. To use the processes of print, to absorb being in the locality will contrast with the use of purely digital artefacts as a means to develop a body of work.

  • Ana Mazzei

    POSTPONED Glasgow International Partnership Residency 2020

    Men and narratives, in their inseparable relationships, define Ana Mazzei’s interest. It is from this perspective that her work develops and grows. For Mazzei, art, architecture and landscapes construct, in themselves, a fiction that connects them, resulting in installations, settings and objects.

    Her artworks are like pieces and fragments of myths, lives and fictions that are represented in drawings, videos, sculptures and installations. At other times, her works function as observation devices framing this vast repertoire from a specific point of view. Focusing on a widely experimental practice, the artist appropriates different sensorial materials, such as felt and concrete, connecting to the environments in which she works.

    Ana Mazzei (born in 1979, São Paulo, Brazil) completed a BFA in Visual Arts at the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) in 2006 and a MA in Visual Poetics at UNICAMP in 2010.

    Recent solo exhibitions include: Drama O’Rama, Sesc Pompeia, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2019); Is-Montage!, Carlos/Ishikawa, London, UK (2019); Antechamber, Green Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE (2018); DRAMAFOBIA, Galeria Jaqueline Martins, São Paulo, Brazil (2017); Ghost Studies, Almine Rech Gallery, New York, USA (2017).

    Ana Mazzei will be working on her major commission for Glasgow International while in residence at Hospitalfield.

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  • Caroline Minchew

    POSTPONED Interdisciplinary Residency May 2020

    Caroline Minchew is a photographer and artist currently working and living in Brooklyn, New York.

    Using the landscape as an intuitive guide to understand and articulate personal and collective stories, she is interested in the idea of psychogeography and how spaces can be explored through movements based on how one feels over what one knows. Minchew works in various mediums including alternative and historic photographic processes and photographs using a large format camera. For the last five years, she has focused on platinum palladium printing and is published in the publication Platinum and Palladium Photographs: Technical History, Connoisseurship, and Preservation (Constance McCabe, ed. Washington: American Institute for Conservation, 2017).

    She has exhibited in galleries throughout the United States and has works housed in the permanent collections of the National Museum of American History and the National Gallery of Art Photograph Study Collection in Washington, D.C.

  • Holly Muir

    POSTPONED Interdisciplinary Residency May 2020

    Holly Muir is an artist, writer and set designer. Her wooden installations use historical and fictional narratives to explore utopian tropes, the restorative capacities of work, and the relationships people have with non-humans.

    Holly graduated from the Ruskin School of Art in 2016, after which she spent a year writing fiction at Princeton University as a Daniel M. Sachs Scholar. She designs and builds stage sets with the experimental opera collective, Spectra Ensemble, and has previously worked for Scottish Opera, The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Royal Opera House and Pinewood Creative.

  • Paula Lopez Zambrano

    POSTPONED Interdisciplinary Residency May 2020

    Taking the form of exhibitions, screenings, public programmes, residencies and texts, Paula Lopez Zambrano’s research centres on the relationship between curatorial practice and theory. Zambrano is working within the intersections of post-colonial, de-colonial, feminist and queer studies, looking into strategies of disruption, resistance and re-enactment within performance, moving image and sound art. These approaches combine interests in philosophy, art theory and contemporary art, focusing on notions of embodiment, materiality and ontology.

    Zambrano has developed a strong interest in time and temporality, conceiving the accidental, discontinuous and counter-temporal as modes of curatorial research.

  • Phoebe Pryor

    POSTPONED Interdisciplinary Residency May 2020

    Phoebe Pryor is an artist based in Amsterdam. She is intrigued by the systems of organisation we create, and the everyday personal rhythms. Collecting and cataloguing moments that catch her eye she attempts to create a (nonsensical) logic.

    After graduating BA History of Art from the University of Leeds she studied on the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Kingston University. In 2019 Pryor was awarded the Atlas House Residency in Seoul. She is one half of the audio and visual collaboration ‘Mud Mike’ and continues ongoing collaborations with designers, musicians, DJ’s, illustrators and artists.

  • Carolin Weinert

    POSTPONED Print Place on Interdisciplinary Residency May 2020

    Carolin Weinert is an artist working primarily with printing techniques and video-based performance art. She studied Media Arts at the Academy for Visual Arts in Leipzig, Germany. Her recent work focuses on an ironic almost cynical reflection on feminism and women’s rights. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, e.g. KUMU Museum, Tallinn; Gallery størpunkt, Munich, CICA Museum, Korea; Tiny Dance Film Festival in San Francisco and other venues in Europe. She undertook print-related residencies in Belgium, Norway and Denmark.

  • Colette Sadler

    POSTPONED Interdisciplinary Residency August 2020

    Colette Sadler trained in Classical Ballet she completed a BA (Hons) at the Laban centre London and worked Internationally as a dancer until 2002. Sadler’s performance works have been shown in numerous dance and visual arts contexts including Kaai theatre Brussels, South Bank Centre London, Nottingham Contemporary, Les Lattitudes Contemporains France , OGR Turin ,TRAMWAY and as part of the British Council Showcase 2019. In 2019 she curated the a multi-disciplinary arts symposium “ Present Futures” in collaboration with CCA Glasgow and GoMa.

    During her residency she will work on a new film Installation work with artist Mikko Gaestel.

  • Hannah Leighton-Boyce

    POSTPONED Interdisciplinary Residency August 2020

    Hannah Leighton-Boyce is a visual artist working in sculpture ranging from site specific and durational works, to drawing, sound and installation. Her work explores material, environmental and sensory relations and the politics of labour, through invisible processes such as the transmission of energy, the passing of time, accumulative and reductive forces.

    Recent exhibitions include Personal Structures, PAPER Pavilion, Palazzo Mora, Venice Biennale (2019); Each Toward the Other, Bury Sculpture Centre (2019); Major Conversations, Platform A Gallery (Middlesbrough, UK) touring to the Turnpike Gallery (Leigh, UK); Ruth Barker & Hannah Leighton-Boyce, Castlefield Gallery (Manchester, UK) touring to Glasgow Women’s Library (Glasgow, UK).

  • Joanna Acevedo

    POSTPONED Interdisciplinary Residency August 2020

    Joanna Acevedo is writer living and working in New York City. She is an MFA Candidate in Fiction at New York University. She received her BA in Literary Studies and BFA in Illustration from the New School in 2019.
    Her writing deals with the intersection between sex, gender, and mental illness. Her novel, Charlieland, is about obsession, forgiveness, and love for the Tinder generation in New York City. Her work has been seen in Seventh Wave Magazine, Flying Island Literary Journal, Barnhouse Literary Journal, and others. She currently teaches fiction and poetry at New York University and is a 2020-2021 NYU Goldwater Fellow.

  • Lili Chin

    POSTPONED Interdisciplinary Residency August 2020

    Lili Chin is a visual artist based in New York City. Her interdisciplinary art practice incorporates natural materials, film, video, ceramics, weaving and mixed media to mine historical and personal narratives. She is inspired by nature, ancient rituals, nomadism and personal memory. She has exhibited in New York at Microscope Gallery, 601 Art Space, Abrazo Interno Gallery as well as several other art organizations in the US, Scotland, Latin America, Europe and China. She has also created commissioned installations for museums and institutions in the US and China, including the He Xiangning Museum in Shenzhen and the Ely Center of Contemporary Art, CT. She has participated in several residencies, including the MacDowell Colony, The Studios at Mass MoCA, Swatch Art Peace Hotel and the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture.

  • Lisette Frimannslund

    POSTPONED Interdisciplinary Residency August 2020

    Lisette Frimannslund is a visual artist from Bergen, Norway, now based in The Netherlands. She holds a MSc in Industrial Design Engineering from the TU Delft (2004) and a BFA from The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (2014).

    Her main focus lies in the connections between perception, memory, place and movement. She combines elements of photography, drawing, writing and painting; sometimes in the form of an itinerary; a part fact, part fiction travelogue through time, space, memory or mind.

    Currently moving towards making artist books, time at Hospitalfield will be spent on two publications where both words and image play a role.

  • Michele Brody

    POSTPONED Interdisciplinary Residency August 2020

    Michele Brody is a mixed-media environmental artist based in The Bronx. Her work is inspired by the range of communities she has come in contact with while living and working as an artist-in-residence throughout the United States and abroad. Her practice is informed by a desire to understand how we manage the constant state of entropy we live in, and the ephemeral qualities of memory and experience within the constant flux of life. During her time at Hospitalfield she plans to focus on her writing as she prepares to publish books documenting two long-term projects. These include: a series of travelogues she has been writing since 1998 when she first started working as an artist-in-residence in France. The second is an interactive community-based project of sharing tea and stories titled “Reflections in Tea.”

  • Natalie Vestin

    POSTPONED Interdisciplinary Residency August 2020

    Natalie Vestin is a writer, artist, and infectious diseases researcher from Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. She is the author of the chapbooks Gomorrah, Baby and Shine a light, the light won’t pass, and her essays and art have appeared in numerous literary journals. With E.A. Farro, she is the co-creator of “Science Love Letters,” a multidisciplinary project that explores how being a scientist is like always writing a love letter.

    While at Hospitalfield, she intends to create a body of work comprising text, art, and book-making as part of her multi-year project “A Field Guide to Invisible Landscapes.”

  • Norma D Hunter

    POSTPONED Interdisciplinary Residency August 2020

    Norma D Hunter works around three main themes: Walking, Women and Well-being (both of the individual and the environment). The outcomes from her explorations into these themes have resulted in various performance pieces, installation works and exhibition pieces both at home and abroad with workshop and residency opportunities in Ethiopia: Wax and Gold Workshop (2013), Zambia: Insakartists International Artists Workshop (2015) and NRW Forum, Dusseldorf: Planet B, 100 Ideas for a New World (2016). She has also worked collaboratively as a member of XSexcentenary, a collective of older women artists, performing at Buzzcut and Glasgow International Festivals in 2018/19 respectively.

  • Anastasia Mina

    POSTPONED Print Place on Interdisciplinary Residency August 2020

    Anastasia Mina is an artist (b. Cyprus) living and working in London. She graduated from the Royal College of Art (2014) and from the Athens School of Fine Arts (2010). Her practice combines drawing and printmaking and involves the use of found photographic images with strong historical and political references. In her recent work, she is interested into the idea of erasure, both as a state and as a device. Mina, is also a co-founder of a platform facilitating collaborative work. Selected exhibitions include: Theta, Jerwood Visual Arts London; Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale Tirana; International Print Biennale China; Always Already, eins gallery Limassol; Caritas Romana, State Museum of Contemporary Art Thessaloniki and synchronosides, Meermanno Museum Netherlands.

  • Alex Allan

    Interdisciplinary Residency November 2020

    ‘Alongside his finely tuned antennae into current art practice and a broad appreciation of sculpture and its traditions, Alex Allan also absorbs research material from experiencing the environment around him. That is to say his identity as an artist is constructed not only through his engagement with the Art World, but by his observance and understanding of the physical realities of urban life at this point in history.

    Alex graduated with an MFA in Sculpture from Edinburgh College of Art in 2011. More recently he has been engaged in a number of public art projects and is co-founder and operator of Govan Project Space in Glasgow, where he lives and works.

  • Emma Sandström

    Interdisciplinary Residency November 2020

    Emma Sandström lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden. She received her BA (hons) in Fine
    Art Photography from Glasgow School of Art (2015) and more recently her MFA from Valand Art Academy (2020). Her practice centers around mythologies, rituals and the tactile materiality of objects. Her work investigates the notion of human interactions with objects and their surroundings, primarily focusing upon the theory of animism. The notion that a trace may somehow remain, long after such interventions. She creates her own physical and fictitious archives around this subject by using photography, video, found material and sculpture.

  • Ieva Grigelionyte

    Interdisciplinary Residency November 2020

    Ieva Grigelionyte was born in Klaipeda, a city on the Lithuanian coast. Before taking up art she gained a degree from law school, a diversion which came to exert a major influence over her artistic approach.
    Grigelionyte recently graduated in Fine Arts from the Iceland Academy of Arts and is currently based in Glasgow.

    Here she works on marrying her interest in food with visual arts. This relationship has been growing for a while, and foraging/cooking/eating has always taken a considerable part of her creative process.

    Food being rather accommodating to low key experimenting, the artist’s kitchen transforms easily into a lab and dinners quickly become research. These thoughts and wonderings led Grigelionyte into further explorations, the end product being ice cream as her main media.

  • Ione Maria Rojas

    Interdisciplinary Residency November 2020

    Ione Maria Rojas is a British-Mexican ecological and social artist. Earth is a vital medium for her, as are stories and ink. Living somewhat nomadically, between the UK, Mexico and now Scandinavia, she works with clay, printmaking, horticulture, land-based work and creative education. Ione likes to cultivate communication and connection between people, communities and the land they live in – including the other-than-humans we share our space with. Thanks to a British Council Crafting Futures grant she has recently been exploring what it means to work with indigenous clay in Mexico, a project she will be expanding upon during her time at Hospitalfield.

    Ione Maria Rojas‘ residency is support by an a-n Artist Bursary.

  • Laura Collins

    Interdisciplinary Residency November 2020

    Using performance writing and installation art, Laura Collins dissects gender politics and analyses the way we interact with the natural environment. Currently, her work explores how the climate crisis exacerbates gender issues. Her creations are whimsical, poetic and bizarre, but firmly grounded in contemporary issues.

    Collins’ works include: ‘They Will Blame Chickens’ (Martin Myer Arena, 2018), ‘FREEFALL’ (The Burrow, 2018), ‘A Dog Called Monkey’ (Northcote Town Hall, 2017). Laura’s immersive art installation, ‘Plastisphere’, was presented at Grant St Theatre (2019), Melbourne Fringe (2019), Zero Waste Festival (2019) and Adelaide Fringe (2020). Laura has a Masters of Writing for Performance from the Victorian College of the Arts.

  • Lindsay Boyd

    Interdisciplinary Residency November 2020

    Lindsay BoydLindsay Boyd is an artist and curator based in Edinburgh. She has an MFA in Contemporary Art Practice from Edinburgh College of Art.

    Her practice includes drawing, sculpture and installation and is concerned with the notion of the façade and duality, playing with ideas that centre around fictions and falsehoods. Her work references theatrical set design, maquettes and prop making that invoke unidentified narratives. New research areas include choreography, notation of movement and queer feminist narratives in literature.

    Boyd is currently Assistant Curator of Hidden Door, Edinburgh’s alternative arts festival, and a Board Member of All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre. She is a Freelance Project Coordinator and also works for The Fruitmarket Gallery.

  • Marian Balfe

    Interdisciplinary Residency November 2020

    Marian Balfe is an Irish artist and designer based between Dublin and the midlands of Ireland. Her practice is multifaceted, and she uses a wide range of media and processes including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and zines to explore fragmented connections to place. These connections are initiated through memory and experience of certain objects, people and animals of a place. Recent exhibitions have included ARTWORKS 2019 at VISUAL, Carlow & peripheriesOPEN 2019, Gorey. Marian holds a BA in Fine Art (Paint) and Visual Culture from the National College of Art & Design, Dublin and a BSc in Architecture from University College Dublin.

    Whilst at Hospitalfield, Marian Balfe will use her time to explore zines as navigational tools for unresolved, aspirational paintings.

  • Phoebe Eustance

    Interdisciplinary Residency November 2020

    Phoebe Eustance is an artist and researcher. Their practice explores an intersectional approach to critical pedagogy and anti-psychiatry movements, considering queer, feminist and disability issues within this. At Hospitalfield Phoebe will continue work on Unreason is reason dazzled, an ongoing project exploring socio-political histories of mental health care and collective capacities of ‘unlearning’. Currently, they are running ‘4.48 psychosis’ reading group at South London Gallery and are enrolled in CAMPUS Independent Study Programme at Nottingham Contemporary. In 2016, they received an MA in Research Architecture, Goldsmiths. They work primarily with audio and installation, and favour collective creation over individual practice.

  • Rachel Marsden

    Interdisciplinary Residency November 2020

    Rachel Marsden is a curator, educator and arts writer researching transcultural studies, cultural and social translation, and curatorial practices in China and the Asia-Pacific. Also, interested in approaches to practice-based research, including publishing and writing as practice, and “pedagogies of practice” in learning and teaching.

    For this residency, Marsden aims to reignite her practice as a text and book artist by giving voice to invisible illness, impairment and disability in the arts. She will examine this personal aspect of her practitioner identity for the first time – publicly and critically – whilst establishing a dialogic community of practice in the region, to culminate in a self-published book.

    Supported by a bursary from a-n The Artists Information Company.

  • Georgie Fay

    Print Place on Interdisciplinary Residency November 2020

    Georgie FayGeorgie Fay is a London-based participatory artist and printmaker, with an MA in Gallery Education (UCL, 2013). Her firm belief in arts education as a catalyst for social change and inclusion underpins and inspires her art practice.

    Fay’s printmaking reflects her own engagement with the world; from the city pavement to the flight pattern of migrating birds; from everyday journeys to experiencing unfamiliar landscapes. In 2017, her first solo show, ‘Halfway Home’ responded to these themes.

    She intends to use her forthcoming residency at Hospitalfield to create a series of experimental prints and etchings which explores what happens when nature, science and art collide.

  • Agnieszka Mastalerz

    Interdisciplinary Residency Late November 2020

    Young female artist based in Warsaw, Poland. While working mainly with video, installation, and performance, she focuses on mechanisms of control and processes influencing and exploiting an individual. She uses her poetic visual language to analyse restrictive rules established within intimate relationships, communities, states, or companies, and towards the natural environment.

    Graduate of the Studio of Spatial Activities by Mirosław Bałka at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2018), visiting student of Candice Breitz and Eli Cortiñas at Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Braunschweig (DAAD scholarship for 2019/20), previously of Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin at the HFBK in Hamburg (2017/18). She also holds a degree in cultural studies from the University of Warsaw (2015).

    Her works were presented in Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, Starak Family Foundation in Warsaw (2019), Deichtorhallen in Hamburg, Fondation Hippocrène in Paris (2018), Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (laureate of the 16. Hestia Artistic Journey Competition, 2017), and Otwock Studio (2016). At the beginning of 2020 Agnieszka was a resident of AiR Futura, Prague. 


    In Hospitalfield Agnieszka Mastalerz will develop her idea of a performance based on an intimate relation between people who make an effort to rescue one another from an approaching crisis. The work draws mainly from an essay by Zygmunt Bauman: From Pilgrim to Tourist – or a Short History of Identity.

  • David Fagan

    Interdisciplinary Residency Late November 2020

    David Fagan’s work generally comprises multimedia installation and performance, with a persistent focus on consumer electronics, such as televisions and phones. Fagan is interested in creating intimate experiences using familiar objects. When these attempts inevitably fail, they ultimately speak to a more fundamental questioning of one’s ability to connect to another. Post-exhibition, the role of the work as art object is generally relinquished, devices and objects regain their prior utility. Fagan is currently exploring themes of identity and culture in suburban landscapes.

    Awards include Visual Arts Bursary from the Arts Council of Ireland 2019

  • Lou Sheppard

    Interdisciplinary Residency Late November 2020

    Lou Sheppard is a Canadian artist working in interdisciplinary audio, performance and installation based practice.

    They have exhibited in Canada and internationally, notably in the Toronto Biennial, in the Antarctic Biennale and the Antarctic Pavilion in Venice. In 2017 Sheppard received the Emerging Atlantic Artist Award and in 2018 they were an international residency recipient of the Sobey Art Award.

    In their current practice Sheppard uses processes of translation and metaphor to interrogate structures of power and performativity in data and language. Their work often leads them to collaborate with communities and with musicians, visual artists and performing artists.

  • Marilyn Longstaff

    Interdisciplinary Residency Late November 2020

    Marilyn Longstaff has written five books of poetry. She lives in Darlington and is a member of Vane Women.

    Longstaff is hoping that Hospitalfield will help her shape her next collection of poetry to include several sequences: Pit Brow Lasses about women who worked in the North of England coalfields (based on paintings at the Mining Art Gallery, Bishop Auckland); Eavesdropping – a sound diary. Poems about the experience of gradually losing her hearing;The Salvation Army Officer’s Daughter – a History of Leaving– something you leave but it doesn’t leave you, stitched as it is into the fabric of your being.