Residents / Summer Residency 2018

Selectors: Tessa Giblin, Director of Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh; and the artist Hayley Tompkins.

  • Aideen Doran

    Summer Residency 2018

    Aideen Doran was born in Lurgan, Northern Ireland and now lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. Doran works across moving-image media, installation and exploratory writing. She works primarily with materials already in circulation, exploring possible new meanings for these through processes of appropriation and postproduction. Her works emerge from a quasi-archival process of collecting, ordering and editing moving-image material, images and texts.

  • Aikaterini Gegisian

    Summer Residency 2018

    Aikaterini Gegisian is an artist of Greek-Armenian heritage that lives and works in the UK. Building on her contribution to the Armenian Pavilion, 56th Venice Biennale (2015 Golden Lion for best national participation), she has over the past two years developed a series of new commissions exploring the role of images in the construction of national and gendered identities, for among others: National Arts Museum of China, Beijing; Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art; BALTIC, Newcastle; Calvert 22 Foundation, London; Kunsthalle Osnabruck; DEPO, Istanbul; Yermilov Centre, Ukraine. She is currently an AHRC Research Fellow at the Library of Congress, Washington DC.

  • Elke Finkenauer

    Summer Residency 2018

    Elke Finkenauer (of New Zealand/German descent) is based in Glasgow, and has an MFA from The Glasgow School of Art (2015). Finkenauer received a commendation for her submission to the West Dean Tapestry Commission (2016), was a recipient of the Gilbert Bayes Scholarship whilst at GSA (2015), and was shortlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize (2014). Recent solo-exhibitions include Saturday Safari at Glasgow Project Room  (2017), Approximately Bacon at Old Hairdresser’s Glasgow (2016), Going Spare at Lust and the Apple Midlothian (2015), and escape (!), in association with El Refri, at Govanhill Baths, Glasgow (2015).

  • Emmie McLuskey

    Summer Residency 2018
    Emmie McLuskey is an artist based in Glasgow. She works with other artists to produce collaborative work, this has previously taken the form of publications, events, objects, conversations and exhibitions.
    McLuskey believes the activities we partake in collectively – to publish, to dance, to speak, to make, 
to perform, to research, allow us to examine our relationships to the world and to others. For her, this space can allow us to reimagine and relearn the systems we have a role in, and help us imagine or build realities that might better work for us.

    Currently she is working on projects with Janice Parker, Freya Field Donovan, Jude Browning & Amelia Barratt, Will Holder, Scott Rogers and Collective Gallery.
    In 2017, she was in residence at KW Institute for Contemporary Art and CCA,Glasgow. Recently she has produced exhibitions at Intermedia Gallery CCA and Plymouth Arts Centre with upcoming presentations at Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, Glasgow International and PAC Festival, Marseille.

  • Ima-Abasi Okon

    Summer Residency 2018

    Ima-Abasi Okon lives and works in London. Upcoming projects include FREE.YARD: PRAISE N PAY IT / PULL UP, COME INTO THE RISE, South London Gallery, London, there’s something in the conversation that is more interesting than the finality of (a title), The Showroom, London, The Sonic Cosmologies of Halim El-Dabh in collaboration with Appau Jnr Boakye-Yiadom, 13th Dak’Art Biennale, Dakar, Senegal. She currently works as the Year 1 Leader on the BA Illustration and Visual Media programme at UAL.

  • Michael Barr

    Summer Residency 2018

    Michael Barr lives and works in Glasgow. He has degrees in Geography, and Sculpture and Environmental Art. Both inform a practice that often expands quietly into public space, where authorship can become more diffuse and meanings become more negotiable. Recent work includes a six-month period of performative research undertaken at the University of Edinburgh, leading to a solo exhibition as part of Talbot Rice Gallery’s TRG3 programme.

  • Sophie Cundale

    Summer Residency 2018

    Sophie Cundale (b.1987) works with film and performance. Her work involves collaborative processes of both scripted and improvised acting and depends on the chemistry of constructed situations. Cundale appears as a performer in her own work to varying capacities, from a voice directing action to an exposed and central protagonist. Bodies under the influence of love, loss and heartbreak are the subject of the work. Deploying personal experience, the work considers the systems that control and govern our desire and grief.