Summer Residency 2020



“We can still see the horizon
(and it’s curved)”

For 2020, Hospitalfield is changing the structure of the Summer Residency and has invited Will Holder and Paul Abbott to select, lead and participate in the residency programme. This will test a new model bringing practitioners in, to initiate ideas that emerge from their work. This year the programme is open to artists working across disciplines, and offers a little more structure and learning prepared within it.

This residency engages with writing as the integrating aspect of all practices, scoring, pre- and de-scribing co-production with others. Art nor writing have never been isolated practices, nor should they be promiscuous. Art and writing are proposed as separate, but inhabiting the same space where all material aspects are read and written with equal consideration. Like a quiet, ongoing, open, material conversation with a loved one, this is predominantly non-verbal and private. We are concerned with how these aspects might transfer, in public, with others, back and forth, onto and off the page.

Residents are asked to bring existing work to the table, prepared for conversation with other “friendly experiencers.”* Residents are not assumed to be writers, but artists, dancers, musicians, etc., acknowledging that we all communicate, all the time – maintaining relations outside of professionalised protocols – in ways most appropriate to our rehearsed skills. During this residency, no distinction is made between communication and practise.

“Friendly experiencers” is a term coined by composer Anthony Braxton, to specify the audience. This residency will be predominantly music-led, and score-based. Will Holder and Paul Abbott are currently editing a reader, as score for the residency: “F.R.DAVID – Very good*”. (including Anthony Braxton, Bernadette Mayer, Eliane Radigue, Wilson Harris, Ian White, Judith Butler, Cecil Taylor [image] and others).

Application Deadline Thursday 30 January 2020, midnight

Residency Period 29 June 2020–26 July 2020

Eligibility UK, UK-based and International practitioners

Places 8 – each receive a £1000 research, travel and development bursary

Selectors Paul Abbott (musician and artist) and Will Holder (Typographer). Selection facilitated by Cicely Farrer (Programme & Communications Manager, Hospitalfield)

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Further info

The 2020 Summer Residency is a funded programme. Selected artists receive a bursary that supports them whilst they are working away from their home base.

Artists are invited to submit an application that describes a current project or focus in their practice that will inform their work whilst they are a participant in the programme.

The residency includes full board catering and 24-hour access to studio space.

Students are not eligible to apply to this residency (this means that if you are still studying at the point of the deadline you can’t make an application, please apply in the future and join our mailing list to hear about other residency news and deadlines including our Graduate Residency).


In week 1, Paul Abbott will join the residents, and Will Holder. Through simple rituals (walking, talking, eating etc.) we will think about simultaneity, sharing and moving in a space, and exploring music as a way of listening to each other, to produce writing, as work.

Residents can take or leave these ideas into furthering the development of their work in week 2.

In week 3, Will Holder will rehearse various scores with the residents, as a way of producing writing as work, by speaking and singing, using scores by Pauline Oliveros, John White, Alison Knowles, Robert Ashley and others.

Residents can take or leave these ideas into furthering the development of their work in week 4.


More information about our overall Residency Programme.

*** It is not possible to apply to both the Autumn and Summer Residency so please consider carefully and choose which residency your practice would be most suited to***

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