Residencies: Working at Hospitalfield Now, 3-16 December 2018

Graduate Residency – December. 

Tiffany Boyle, Andrew Black and Aman Sandhu will visit the programme as will the selectors Fiona Robertson and Claire Craig.

The artists will spend two weeks working in Hospitalfield’s studios, learning from each other and taking part in a programme of discussions, events and visits. We are delighted that curator Tiffany Boyle and artists Andrew Black and Aman Sandhu will visit the programme during the residency.

The artists have graduated from undergraduate or postgraduate courses from across Scotland, each responded to an open call with a proposal and information about their work. Selector for this year’s Graduate Residency were Fiona Robertson, Head of Culture Perth and Kinross Council and Claire Craig, curator of the Travelling Gallery. The selectors will also visit the programme.

2018 Graduate Residents are
Alice Wadkin
Catriona Beckett
Flora deBechi
Flora Hunt
Jonny Walker
Karen Maxted
Katariina Yli-Malmi
Lise Olsen
Marcus Alexander Murison
Oona Wilkinson
Suzie Eggins
Tinja Ruusuvuori

Read more about the Graduate Residents here…

Images: Flora Hunt, Flora deBechi and Catriona Beckett