Residencies: Working at Hospitalfield Now, 20 August – 3 September

Ten interdisciplinary residents have been selected to focus on their proposed projects over the next two weeks. 

We are pleased to present information about the practitioners currently working at Hospitalfield. With practices based in Visual Arts, Illustration and Academia, these residents join us from Germany, Brazil, Canada, USA, Ireland and the UK.

Cinzia Mutigli, Ele Belfiore, Erika DeFreitas, Flavia Ribeiro, Isabella Mazzanti, Joe Etch, Lesley Logue, Marco Giordano, Uta Koslik and Paula Smolarska applied to the residency programme with urgent projects that they wanted to undertake at Hospitalfield.

They were selected  Cara Ellison, games journalist and developer, and Jenni Fagan, novelist and poet, through a selection process in December 2017.

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Taha Belal is also in residence at Hospitalfield from 25 July until the end of September. Belal lives and works in Cairo, and is in residence in Scotland on the invitation of CCA, Glasgow. He is at Hospitalfield following a month’s residency at Cove Park. His residency is supported by Mophradat.

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Images: the workspaces of Flavia Ribeiro, Joe Etchell, Uta Koslik and Lesley Logue.