Postponement of Programme Activity at Hospitalfield

Like so many other organisations we are closed, as soon as we can, we will let everyone know about the decisions we make for the programme for September and beyond.

This of course makes us very sad indeed and we will miss all of those who had planned to be with us this spring and who have had to postpone their visits, to name a few; the students from CalArts Los Angeles and the students from the Royal College in the Hague, the ENGAGE Conference, Chamber Music Scotland, Scottish PEN, City of Glasgow College and Less is More.
We are hosting the first of this year’s Interdisciplinary programme but only a very small number of the originally selected group as so many had to postpone as they were travelling quite a distance. Everyone in the May and August programme has had their residency postponed till late 2020 and 2021.

Arbroath Festival 2020+1: The work that we are doing with the Arbroath 2020 Committee in developing the 2020 Arbroath Festival is also on hold and we have postponed the Festival to 2021. We look forward to seeing you here when the time comes.

We have seen amazing progress to the Future Plan Capital Development, The Garden and Garden Buildings, with CHAP construction continuing to operate. We are anticipating a pause to work very soon which does have some serious implications.

We are moving some of the communications with our networks and activity online and we hope they will be useful and interesting:

The Hospitalfield Local Network: We are now using Facebook to create a community online who can help each other. Hospitalfield has a large number of volunteers and friends who live close by and who we know but who may not know one another. We are making a network of communication so that people can support each other in whatever is needed through this period. Although this is an online group, we hope those online, could use this group to support those not using Facebook.

A minute and a quarter: For several years now we have been asking all the artists who come through the residency programme to recommend books and gradually we are building a contemporary library through these recommendations for Hospitalfield’s 21st Century Library. Over the next few weeks we are asking our Alumni Network if they could give a performance to camera, no more than a Minute and a Quarter long. We will then create a space on YouTube that is open and available to all but especially signed posted to our very loyal audiences, many of whom will be confined to quarters for a long time and who will really appreciate these recommendations and enjoy the performances that can be quite straight forward or not!!!

Making recommendations for reading must also include the recommendation that you buy the books, if you possibly can, from independent book stores who will send them by post rather than by courier. Of course this is not always possible.

Let’s Draw Together! with the Free Drawing School: For the final three classes of the Free Drawing School, Laura Darling will lead three online drawing challenges which will be announced each Monday at 10am. We’ll announce these on all our social media. Primarily this is for regular attendees to the Free Drawing School but everyone can get involved if they want. Check Facebook and share with those not online.

We look forward to seeing everyone on the other side and hope we can keep in touch and talking through these ideas.