FIELDWORK 2018 – call for co-programmer

Call out to artists, curators, programmers and organisers within Scotland to programme FIELDWORK 2018 with Hospitalfield, deadline 7 December.


FIELDWORK Hospitalfield International Summer School

Call for programmers

Deadline Thursday 7 December 2017


FIELDWORK provides a context for exchange, debate and learning and has become a powerful mechanism for the evolution of ideas that participants take back in to their working lives.

The programme runs over a limited number of days and results in an intense focus on the chosen subject matter; a degree of focus that would otherwise be difficult to achieve within a different time frame. Each year we invite a co-programmer to use the ‘school’ as a platform to explore their ideas and in so doing this brings a new vocabulary to our ongoing programme.

The proposal from the co-programmer leads the ideas for the progamme and the team at Hospitalfield work collaboratively to ensure that each year FIELDWORK has a different identity and structure.

FIELDWORK was inaugurated in 2014 with Reports on Event Curating  co-programmed with Mason Leaver-Yap, and continued in 2015 with Talking About Influence where Pavel Büchler programmed three keynote speeches for the summer school. In 2016 Hospitalfield worked with Bisan Abu Eisheh to co-programme Not Every Tent is the Same and last year with Cicely Farrer and Gordon Douglas on Shoulder-to-Shoulder.

For 2018 Hospitalfield invites applications from artists, curators, programmers and organisers within Scotland.

Application Deadline Thursday 7 December 2017, midnight

Eligibility Artists, curators, programmers and organisers within Scotland; individuals and groups.

Places 1 – there is an overall programmer fee of £1500.



FIELDWORK is a 2.5 day discursive, residential summer school at Hospitalfield in Arbroath on the East Coast of Scotland. Between 50 and 80 participants stay at Hospitalfield, camping in the grounds, for a programme of presentations, workshops, discussions and outings. It is an intensive experience, which brings people together to think about the central theme or question. The programme is connected with visual art practice and theory and how this connects with other disciplines.

The summer school is based around Hospitalfield House and its grounds but also makes use of the surrounding landscape. The format of the schedule can be flexible and embrace different formats including short and long sessions; overlapping options; discursive, performative and practical elements.


Who is FIELDWORK for?

Past participants have included artists, recent graduates, experienced arts professionals, writers, curators, academics, postgraduate students and others interested in social, political, organisational and aesthetic concerns relating to contemporary culture and ideas.

It’s important that FIELDWORK is open for anyone to book a place.


Applications to be co-programmer

The call is for an individual or group based in Scotland to programme the 2018 summer school with Hospitalfield for a wide national and international audience.

Applicants should be committed to working with Hospitalfield to devise and deliver the summer school around the theme, starting point or question proposed in your application.

We often build another partner (mentor, academic institution, organisation, group) into the programme and would discuss this with the co-programmer after they are appointed. Please feel free to suggest options where they are relevant to your proposal.



Applicants are invited to complete the online form, which asks for a 500 word proposal as well as information about why you are interested in pursuing this project and further practical information.

More information about each of the previous FIELDWORK editions can be found on these links:



10 November: Call out

7 December: Deadline for notes of interest via online portal (midnight)

12 December: Interviews with shortlisted applicants

19 December: site visit with selected co-programmer

10 January: Outline of programme discussed further

29 January: Website and initial Press Release publicised, tickets on sale

26 February: further programme details confirmed

March and April: final promotion and arrangements

24 – 26 June: Summer school