Hospitalfield Harp Renovation – delivery to Pilgrim Harps

After a successful fundraising campaign, Hospitalfield’s Erard Grecian Harp has been delivered to the esteemed conservators who will bring it back to life.

At the end of November we packed and shipped the harp, which belonged to Elizabeth Allan Fraser, to Pilgrim Harps at their workshop in South Godstone, Surrey.

We raised the funds for the restoration by running a Crowdfunder campaign online and received 32 online backers who have either donated in return for a seat at the concert, to attend a talk or to receive a special harp cake.

Further to the donations online, the conversation around the harp inspired some other individuals to get in touch because they wanted to support the project. We are still open to approaches like this – get in touch if you too would like to hear the harp in its first concert on Saturday 1 July as part of our inaugural Summer Festival.

Here’s a news story about the harp in The Courier.

Here’s more information about the renovation on our Crowdfunder site.