Cicely Farrer and Gordon Douglas will co-programme FIELDWORK 2017

Bookings open for this years’ International Summer School in June.

Following an open call for proposals from artists, curators and organisers around Scotland, we have selected Cicely Farrer, a curator and writer based in Dundee, and Gordon Douglas, a performance artist based in Edinburgh to work with us on the programme for FIELDWORK our annual summer school.

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Previously Hospitalfield have worked with Mason Leaver-Yap, Pavel Buchler and Bisan Abu Eisheh to make a 2 and a half day programme of talks, discussions, workshops and outings which is led by a distinctive, central theme or question each year. For the first time, in early 2017, we opened the opportunity for applications and we received excellent submissions which held diverse and far reaching ideas. Farrer and Douglas’ proposal was selected on the basis of their concept, understanding of how to host the participants and their approach to the overall project.

FIELDWORK is open to anyone to book and, over the years, participants have included artists, designers, art historians, curators, writers and students.

The dates for FIELDWORK 2017 are 28 – 30 June.

The programme for this year is entitled Shoulder-to-Shoulder and brings together art and performance practices to reflect on, test out and rehearse effective political action from within an ‘artistic multitude’. Set in motion by a pictorial score, Shoulder-to-Shoulder is framed through the device of a ‘scratch night’: a theatrical format where performers come together to experiment, try new approaches and material for an audience of peers.

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