Camara Taylor to co-programme FIELDWORK 2018

The artist will devise and host our International Summer School in June.

Following an open call which prompted high quality proposals from artists, curators and organisers from across Scotland, Camara Taylor was selected to create the 5th edition of our annual summer school.

The programme, entitled A wobble, a shake and a no for an answer, seeks to explore strategies of refusal and disobedience that are being used to question, change and survive the endemic societal structures which artists and others are expected to function within. It considers artistic practice amidst: renewed institutional interest in difference, the functions of visibility and the possibilities that can emerge through remaining unseen.

The concept is informed by research into limbo (the dance), which began as a ritual performed at wakes in Trinidad & Tobago, and is said to have its origins in the middle passage. The methodologies evident in the dance and its histories have become the grounding for an exploration of refusal, recollection and rebirth.

FIELDWORK was inaugurated in 2014 with Reports on Event Curating  co-programmed with Mason Leaver-Yap, and continued in 2015 with Talking About Influence where Pavel Büchler programmed three keynote speeches for the summer school. In 2016 Hospitalfield worked with Bisan Abu Eisheh to co-programme Not Every Tent is the Same and last year with Cicely Farrer and Gordon Douglas on Shoulder-to-Shoulder.

A wobble, a shake and a no for an answer, will take place between 24 and 26 June 2018. In the past the group of between 60 and 80 participants has been made up of artists, students, organisers and curators and it’s open for anyone to book.

Tickets cost £75 which includes camping space and all meals.

There’s a reduced Early Bird ticket price of £60 which is on sale until 1 April; an instalment option and a small number of free Bursary Spaces.

Following feedback, we have set up an option to support others to come by making a donation towards the Bursaries.

Read more about Camara Taylor, the programme and book your place here…