Artists Mary Redmond and Daisy Chetwin are working towards our Spring Season Open Weekend, SPLIT / DIVIDE

The work will be launched on 28 and 29 April.

Mary Redmond has been making a large sculpture for the Walled Garden, entitled The Venny, The Jumps made from corrugated metal sheet (kindly supplied by Cladco), paving slabs, blocks and painted bamboo canes.

Daisy Chetwin is working on two installations, one of which includes a 50 m long painting which will snake around a maze like structure in one of the domestic spaces within Hospitalfield House, the Study Room. The other work is taking shape in the large 20th century studios located at the back of Hospitalfield House. It contrasts towering, flat uprights with snaking paper paintings.

You can come to see the work, meet the artists and enjoy our open weekend on 28 and 29 April. More information here…