Architecture Places 2016

Sofia Oliveira and Thomas Woodcock have been selected to for the 2016 Architecture Residency as part of the Interdisciplinary Residency at Hospitalfield. In addition, Hospitalfield and Angus Council will also work with Fergus Purdie Architects to develop new ideas and interactions with the public in Arbroath.

Candidates were asked to propose a two week period that will focus on issues relating to sustainable housing and think about the future of how we will live.

This is a partnership project with the nationwide Festival of Architecture 2016 which is part of the Scottish Government’s Year of Innovation Architecture and Design.

The selectors, Ian Gilzean, Chief Architect, Scottish Government; Kirsty Macari, Senior Planning Officer, Angus Council; Jonathan Reeve, Voigt Partnership; and Lucy Byatt, Director, Hospitalfield selected Oliveira and Woodcock from a pool of other qualified applicants.

Both candidates stood out to the selectors.

Ian Gilzean on Oliveira’s application:

“An imaginative response which is aimed at starting structured conversations around ideas of sustainability and community friendly design.”

Jonathan Reeve on Woodcock’s application:

“Very strong application and candidate, who presented a very intelligent articulate proposal. The team are excited to see what ideas Thomas will develop during this placement.”

The purpose of the architecture residency is to explore sustainable housing as a whole; taking into consideration that sustainability is not just an ecological concern but incorporates economic and community sustainability. People need housing and we see all around us volume housing estates circling the edges of our towns and cities, built to meet the demand. What are the longer term implications of front end economics driving new homes but ignoring the many great solutions that already exist and the development of new ideas? Arbroath offers an excellent location to think about how good design works in various contexts.

Kirsty Macari, residency selector and key member of planning staff at Angus Council described the project:

“The Hospitalfield Residencies for Architecture provides a great opportunity to explore challenges faced in the design of sustainable housing today and to generate further interest in the Arbroath community regarding sustainable housing and place-making,”

Director of Hospitalfield, Lucy Byatt, described how the residencies fit within Hospitalfield’s overall programme:

“The residencies at Hospitalfield will provide time to develop their ideas and to start a conversation that we hope to continue. This initiative comes as Hospitalfield continues to develop an artist’s commissioning programme and finds ways to open the house more frequently to the public, getting to know our audiences and potential audiences better all the time. Thanks to the support of the Festival we are able to make two places available on our Interdisciplinary Residencies this year; one in August and the other in November.”

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