Announcing contributors to Wild Orchards Will Overgrow Us FIELDWORK Summer School 2019

This year’s FIELDWORK International Summer School titled Wild Orchards Will Overgrow Us features contributions from a range of artists, researchers, writers and thinkers who will come together with Summer School participants to explore¬†questions of ethics, politics, and aesthetics in human relations with animals and other nonhuman worlds.

The Summer School programmed by Anastasia Philimonos and Panos Kompatsiaris includes contributions from:
Philosopher Keti Chukhrov (Moscow and London)
Artist Sybille Neumeyer & curator and anthropologist Tahani Nadim (Berlin)
Artist Bryony Dunne (Athens and Dublin)
Writer and editor Filipa Ramos (London)
Artist Scott Rogers (Glasgow)
Anthropologist Karin Ahlberg (Stockholm and Chicago)
Artist & design researcher Sascha Pohflepp (Berlin and S. California) & speculative design practitioner & educator Chris Woebken (New York)

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