Anastasia Philimonos & Panos Kompatsiaris to programme FIELDWORK Summer School 2019

Anastasia Philimonos & Panos Kompatsiaris will programme and host the Summer School from 28-30 June 2019

Following an open call which prompted high quality proposals from artists, curators and producers from across Scotland, we have invited Edinburgh based curator Anastasia Philimonos and Moscow based researcher Panos Kompatsiaris to Programme the 2019 FIELDWORK International Summer School.

Wild Orchards Will Overgrow Us explores questions of ethics, politics, and aesthetics in human relations with animals and other nonhuman worlds. During 2.5 days of the Summer School, artists, theorists, curators and participants will come together in workshops and talks to ask questions related to practices of kinship and solidarity in the context of post-anthropocentric thought.

FIELDWORK was inaugurated in 2014 with Reports on Event Curating programmed with Mason Leaver-Yap, and continued in 2015 with Talking About Influence where Pavel Büchler programmed three keynote speeches for the summer school. In 2016 Hospitalfield worked with Bisan Abu Eisheh to programme Not Every Tent is the Same and in 2017 with Cicely Farrer and Gordon Douglas on Shoulder-to-Shoulder.

In the past the group of between 60 and 80 participants has been made up of artists, students, organisers and curators and it’s open for anyone to book.

Tickets cost £75 which includes participation, camping space, a participant pack and all meals.

There’s a reduced Early Bird ticket price of £60 which is on sale until midnight on 6 May

More info on the Programmers, their plans for the Summer School and how to book tickets: